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Image Increasingly, the market requires expertise in the design of new machines that can attack the global market. Nowadays the electronics is the solution to handle with safety and reliability these projects. Esagon is the solution for the development and production of automation electronics. Our skills allow us to have an overall view of the work to be done and the necessary technology to be applied, looking for the best possible compromise to resolve project issues. The our experience leads us to choose the path of development shared with our Customers. Only in this way the powers of both will be able to ensure the best result. So Esagon is the partner of its customers. See our products.

Decades of intense and deep experience on electronics have allowed us to establish relationships of partnerships with customers, based on trust, and to always give added value to their machines. Together with the customers, the best solutions were studied, and then designed and industrialized. Customers have been constantly provided with the necessary technical support, to make their machines more and more efficient and to help them in the documentation and certification processes. Customers have been assured both the protection of their know-how and the autonomy in the development of firmware and software applications. The future will make all aspects of automation and on-board control increasingly complex. Increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks will accentuate complexity. ESAGON will be there ...

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